• Select this option only if you are a current 3RVS member.

  • Select this option if you are not a current 3RVS member, even if you've been a member in previous years.

  • Select this option to submit your 3RVS Family membership and to register your student rider(s) for participation in the NEIC MTB team.

  • Select this option if you have a current 3RVS Family membership and are registering your student rider(s) for participation in the NEIC MTB team.

  • Individual - Individual membership is available to individual who properly completes an application for membership. Applicants under eighteen (18) years of age must have the signature of one parent or guardian on the membership application.

  • Family - Family membership is available to all persons maintaining the same legal residence. At least one member of a family as described above must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

In signing this form, I acknowledge the inherent danger of bicycling and agree on behalf of
myself, my heirs, devisees or estate to hold 3RVS, Inc. and its members harmless for loss,
damage, injury/death to myself or dependents as a consequence of participating in the activities
of 3RVS, Inc.

Please tell us what type of cycling activities you participate in. Select all that apply.

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